First Change (of likely many) in Plans

I realized today two changes I need to make to this project.  They aren’t huge, but I think they’re important.

1) I need to add at least one apron to the list of garments to make (where I will add the time for it is the difficult part).  I can’t believe I didn’t clue into this much much earlier!  I think I had it on the list way back in the beginning of my thinking about this project (1 1/2 – 2 yrs ago), but it somehow got missed.  Shame on me – aprons were ubiquitous at every level of society.

2) I’m going to reduce to scope in time slightly from 1750-75 to 1760-75.  The reason for this is a little tid-bit from Norah Waugh’s Cut of Women’s Clothes book/costume bible.  On p 68 she informed me that pocket hoops appeared c 1760 and were out of use by the late 1770s.  I really don’t think I would have time to make more than one set for display, so changing the timeframe was much easier.  Besides, since I have started examining more actual garments at the Museum of London, I think it may have been too broad a time span, stylistically, anyway.

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