As I slowly learn about blogging, and how to organize things here I realized that keeping the exhibition proposal in the first post was not such a great idea.  I have, therefore, just moved it to a page of its own since it is part of the basis of all this and shouldn’t get lost as I do more posting.

On a different topic, in the days I’ve been at the Museum of London so far, I have seen some very interesting stuff!  I even found a tag/label sewn into the armhole of a dress with “Louisas” handwritten on it in ink and a script that may well mean it’s original, and that no one had found before!!  I have also already (nervously) contested the dating of another gown.  I would very much like to present my findings here to get additional opinions, however that would require include photos.  I am taking photos for the museum’s database, but I’m not sure if I would be allowed to post them here.  I already know I need to fill out some forms to be able to use them in my exhibition.  I will look into this, because I’m pretty excited about some of this stuff!


  1. Julia Said:

    If you see any dresses from the Abbey or Seymour Lucas collection (which you well may), say hello for me!

  2. brocadegoddess Said:

    Hey guess what? They actually use Mimsyxg for their database here, so I was given a quick refesher course on it, and how they use it. I should check and see if those artifacts are labelled in the database as being from those collections, find them, and give them your warm greetings! Since I’m going to try and get through as much of the 18th century stuff as I thoroghly can I will probably run into at least a few!

  3. Julia Said:

    Haha, Jim will be amused!

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