I have finally posted stuff on the quilted petticoat that has been started.  I think it might actually be the masterpiece of the whole project once it’s done!  Although, since it takes 12+ hours to quilt one repeat of the design,  and there are about 6 1/2 repeats to do perhaps “if” it gets done is more accurate.  I really hope I get faster at this as I go along.

Another day of working on the sack will be added shortly.

Aaaaand…(drumroll please)…I received shipment of the materials for the innards of the stays last week and I enlarged the pattern today.  So that will be started this coming week – wish me luck with sewing all those boning channels (100+!) and look out for stuff on that to be posted next Sunday.

In other news, I have changed the format for the sewing journal pages.  Both the pet en l’air jacket and now the quilted petticoat have the days going in descending order.  I have left the sack in the original format so you can compare the two.  Do let me know which you think is better/more reader friendly.

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