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Bad blogger, no cookie

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and….seamstresses.  I had hoped to be all caught up on here by now, but as you can see……..yeah.  It’s nearly the end of term, I have a paper to write on the material culture of 18th century sewing tools (I’ve limited it to the big 4: pins, needles, scissors, thimbles) that’s due in….hmmmm….3 weeks today!  Yippeee!  And I still need to tackle the Old Bailey Records online for some primary source material (from which I’m hoping I may get some info regarding ownership and possession *fingers crossed*).

Again, I have continued working on the sewing steadily/regularly, such that the calico jacket and petticoat ensemble is almost finished.  However, in order to get more updates posted I may not try to write that page in its entirety at one go.

I did have a question for people though: I am curious as to whether any of the processes/methods I’ve used during this project so far have been surprising to anyone, or different from what you might expect from garment construction of this period?  I’m hoping there might be at least something, after all, that’s part of what this whole thing is about!

I’m not dead yet!

After a somewhat prolonged absence, wherein I felt swamped by other schoolwork and obligations, I have posted an update!  I have kept working on this project regularly, just didn’t have time to work on the blog.  So there will be several updates coming, hopefully, soon.  The one I just finished is for the mantua, which is itself pretty much finished now!  (And there was much rejoicing…rahhhhh…..).

Other new stuff to expect soon: some work has been done to the pet en l’air; the riding jacket has been started; as has the calico jacket.

So all of the ensembles have now been started and are at some stage along the way towards their completion.  I think I just *might* be able to get this all done by the time I need to after all (but I’m keeping my fingers tightly mentally crossed all the same).