I know it’s been forevah

I have not abandoned the blog, I have not abandoned the project.  It’s actually because I’m now sewing for this about 40+ hrs/week in addition to TAing, trying to put together the exhibition all this stuff is going into, and starting on my actual MA thesis that I have not got on here in so long.  That, and I just ignored everything over the month of December/over the holidays for the sake of my sanity.

I am slowly working on updating pages and adding new ones, but thought I would post a few teaser pics of what’s coming to prove that I have been working steadily away:






  1. LadyInoui Said:

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed. It looks like you’ve been incredibly busy. I adore the puffed/scalloped trim in the blue taffeta. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I took a workshop on riding habits this weekend and am putting together a 1740’s style habit out of green worsted wool with gold taffeta for the waistcoat and lining. It’ll be fabulous if I manage to finish it…but I’m a bit worried about whether or not I understood all the instructions on how to finish draping the coat skirt, adding cuffs and collars, and completing the lining. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Swillvill Said:

    The picture in the middle, the one with light blue fabric, how are those fabric edges made? With scissors or some kind of machine?

  3. brocadegoddess Said:

    The pinking on the blue sack dress was achieved using a reproduction pinking tool. The scalloped design is on one end and is a cutting edge. You take a hammer or mallet and strike the tool on the fabric and it cuts it out. The tool has only one repeat of the pattern, so it’s rather labour intensive. When I’m able to get back to the blog (it’s far from finished) I’ll post a picture of the tool.

    • miss sewandsew Said:

      Where did you source your pinking tool?, I read on your blog that you were waiting for it….

      • brocadegoddess Said:

        Hi there, I got them from an online place called Green Man Forge. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to running either anymore or at present. I’d try just doing a google search or something on “pinking tool” or “reproduction pinking tood”. Good luck!

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