A little bit of backtracking/background



I was re-visiting my draft pages this evening and came across one that I’d worked on some time ago.  It’s a “short version” of the project overview.  I totally understand anyone not wanting to slog through the long version, which is actually just a slightly adapted version of an exhibition proposal for this project I did as a class assignment over a year ago.  The short version is meant to be much more digestible and concise.  It also includes a quick description of certain peramaters of the way I’m doing this project that I have not included on here before – mostly because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

Upon a quick re-reading I decided it really didn’t need anything more to be useful for actually putting up.  So….I put it up.  Hope this helps explain some stuff and provide a bit of context for why I’m doing all this!



  1. Zip Zip Said:

    Simply wanted to leave a note that I marvel at this project and at the quality of its documentation. I hope that once the garments are constructed and that you have developed the other exhibition materials, that you will show them here to those of us who are so interested but unable to travel to the actual show!

    Because your site is such a wonderful resource for clearly understanding some of the details of mid eighteenth century women’s clothing, I hope that you do not mind that I’ve developed a description of your work on my own blog for the benefit of a period sewing circle I’m a part of, have excerpted a portion of your short overview page (with credit, obviously) so that readers will have a sense of what your blog is about, and have invited readers to visit your site.

  2. brocadegoddess Said:

    Of course I don’t mind a bit, but thank you for the publicity! I do intend to put up photos of the exhibition, and could publish the written info aswell. Perhaps try to make it as much of an online exhibition as blogging about a physical exhibition can be – if that makes sense.

  3. red shoes Said:

    Hi, I’m curious as to your mental processes while you sew (don’t take that the wrong way!). When I’m doing a lot of handsewing I try to have telly or a film on, sometimes the radio. That in itself can be a bit wearing. I find if I’m left to myself just thinking the thoughts get sewn into the piece. If i revist a seam or area of stitching I find myself going over the same thoughts.
    What are you finding happening with long sustained sewing periods? Can you stitch with friends sometimes, have you seen every film three times? I’m very interested in this apsect of period stitching and how you negotiate it in your modern world and situation.

  4. Delly Bean Said:

    Hey, just saw the article in the Journal, congratulations on getting it all done! Can’t wait to get a peek at the finished project.

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