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A wee update

I have completed the pet en l’air page.  So the last finishing steps are up.  Unfortunately there is not picture of the finished front, which is really anti-climactic, I know.  However, I have started the exhibition page, so it will be available for viewing there soon.  Once the exhibition comes down, I’ll also get a series of good studio shots done with proper lighting, etc.  Those may end up going in to replace close-up shots on the exhibit page since I’ve been having trouble with the glare off the glass.

Do please be patient with me as I slowly get content on here.  Even though the exhibit is up and done, there’s still quite a lot on the plate!

Sack update

The sack dress page has been updated – and finished!  So now you can see the best parts of it all done and up close.

I was on TV!!

With really bad hair, boo. 

However, I do have an announcement to make:  All the garments are finished, and the exhibition is up and running!

The media relations lady at the university really came through for me and I was interviewed by 4 tv stations and 3 newspapers.   Below are links to said media coverage.  I particularly like the CTV bit, despite my bad hair and washed-out face.  Why don’t people tell you about these things in advance? *sigh*





Now that the sewing is all done I can start catching up on here.  I also intend to make a page on here that is a sort of “virtual exhibit”  for everyone who can’t come see it in person.

It’s a very strange feeling being done.  I’ve been working on this over the last 6 months (though I took December off) approx 30-40hrs/week.

But man, is it ever a relief!!