I was on TV!!

With really bad hair, boo. 

However, I do have an announcement to make:  All the garments are finished, and the exhibition is up and running!

The media relations lady at the university really came through for me and I was interviewed by 4 tv stations and 3 newspapers.   Below are links to said media coverage.  I particularly like the CTV bit, despite my bad hair and washed-out face.  Why don’t people tell you about these things in advance? *sigh*





Now that the sewing is all done I can start catching up on here.  I also intend to make a page on here that is a sort of “virtual exhibit”  for everyone who can’t come see it in person.

It’s a very strange feeling being done.  I’ve been working on this over the last 6 months (though I took December off) approx 30-40hrs/week.

But man, is it ever a relief!!


  1. Beatrice Said:

    Just saw the footage of you. Congratulations! And so kind of you to mention MoL. Look forward to the virtual exhibition. bb

  2. LadyInoui Said:

    A BIG congrats on finishing your project. I loved watching the news pieces (and I thought your hair looked just fine!). You definitely need to visit Williamsburg and visit with Mark Hutter, the Tailor, or the Mantua Maker. They also reproduce garments in the period method, and they each have obtained the rank of ‘master’ using the old guild trade rules (Mark began his apprenticeship when he was 14).

    I worked a bit on my Riding Habit skirt this weekend, but I’ve been working on a few other projects for Costume Con in Baltimore which has distracted me. I can’t wait until it’s finished! Yours looks beautiful.

  3. brocadegoddess Said:

    I do hope to get to Williamsburg at least during the course of my PhD (once I start it) if not before. It’s funny actually, I was in contact with Linda Baumgarten (goddess Linda) over last winter/spring about doing an internship thingy there and was torn between that and London. London, however, was really one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (though I’m hoping it will happen once or twice more in the next couple years) so London won, lol.

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