A wee update

I have completed the pet en l’air page.  So the last finishing steps are up.  Unfortunately there is not picture of the finished front, which is really anti-climactic, I know.  However, I have started the exhibition page, so it will be available for viewing there soon.  Once the exhibition comes down, I’ll also get a series of good studio shots done with proper lighting, etc.  Those may end up going in to replace close-up shots on the exhibit page since I’ve been having trouble with the glare off the glass.

Do please be patient with me as I slowly get content on here.  Even though the exhibit is up and done, there’s still quite a lot on the plate!


  1. Gwen Said:

    Thank you for peeking in at my blog. I read through yours, going back to your first post. Historical clothing–how interesting.

    If you’re not familiar with this site-http://vintagesewing.info/it has a lot of public domain online sewing books, some which are pre-1900’s.

  2. Maria Said:

    Just wanted to tell you that I have nominated you for the Zombie Chicken Award!
    If you want it – come and claim it! ;D

  3. Maria Said:

    I have given you yet another award! Hehe ^^; Come get it!

  4. Hi Carolyn.
    I belong to the Deerely Wrought Sampler Guild in Calgary . I know some of the sampler makers became seamstresses. I also do some work in the costume room at Heritage Park. I have shared you blog with some of my cohorts. I just love what you have done. Congrats.

  5. thomas a. strohfeldt Said:

    Carolynn, is it?
    I find your website a little hard to wade in to. I’d like you to introduce yourself first ( picture too) and show us your nice credentials before advancing to your work, which is very nice indeed.
    I guess you know Linda Baumgartner, since you’ve been working with Colonial Williamsburg. Barbara Luck of the Folk Art center would also be helpful, and perhaps Elice Ronsheim of the Ohio Historical Society.
    I’m thinking you’re a young woman in her 20’s, and it’s a happy thing to see your generation take this up with such concern and enjoyment. I myself am an old riflemaker of Colonial Williamsburg as well as curator of the Ohio Historical Society with a lifelong ( age 62) enthusiasim for the decorative arts.
    May your tribe increase!

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