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Update – YES! An Update!

I did stop working on this over the summer, and, well, up to a couple weeks ago.  I hadn’t intended to be away so long, but after the Exhibition, other priorities took over.  Little things like moving halway across the continent in a Uhaul, trying to get my butt in gear to write my MA thesis (first, crappy draft is now done, yay!), make a wedding dress (not mine….yet), and the last month or so has been dominated by writing funding applications for my PhD (while still working on my MA, go figure).

However, I’ve been snatching little bits of time lately and have finished the stays page, and there was much rejoicing!

I’m going to try to continue with these little snatches of time to steadily get the rest of the pages finishes, and add in the other bits and bobs I want to.

One thing though, I’ve noticed that the stays page is uploading funny.  It looks fine when I write it, but when I go to view the page on the site, about halfway through the photos and text start to get skewy.  Are other people noticing that as well?  Please let me know if you do, and I’ll try to find a solution somewhere in the maze of wordpress help topics.

At least all the info and stuff is there, and hopefully still readable and enjoyable.