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Two in One Week! (or something like that)

I have finished the quilted petticoat page.  It was pretty quick to do seeing as how I skipped a bunch of days because they would just have said “Today I quilted.  I got ___ far on ___ repeat”.

I just LOVE how this turned out, I consider it the masterpiece of the entire project – though the riding habit comes in a very close 2nd.

Be sure to look through to the end of the petticoat page as there are a couple good detail shots of the quilting.

Voila! La Riding Habit page c’est finis!

Ok, my apologies to french-speaking peoples everywhere for my bit of butchering.  But I am tres happy to say that the riding habit page is all finished!  I think it’s the one that’s taken the longest.  It was also one of the most time consuming to make, go figure – but also one of the most satisfying to complete.

So go take a lookey at the page.  Unfortunately, towards the bottom half the photos and text are compressed together and I can’t seem to keep it from happening.  It’s still readable and followable, but if anyone knows how to make it behave, do let me know.  Every time I went to edit the page I would straighten it all out, and every time I updated it went back to how it was.  Ah, the mysteries of wordpress (for me, anyway).

Do enjoy all the same.

p.s. I’m getting better and quicker at responding to comments/questions.  So feel free to ask away if there’s anything you want to know and I’ll be sure to answer asap!