List of Suppliers

An annotated list of what I got, and from who.  I still have a few more things to get, so there ought to be some additions in the not-too-distant future.


  • bleached handkerchief-weight linen
  • silk Gutermann thread

Designer Fabrics

  • light blue silk taffeta
  • butter yellow silk taffeta

Windscape Clothing

  • linen scraps used for linings

Estees Fabrics

  • silk threads

Reproduction Fabrics

  • cotton print fabric: #IC813E from the India Chintz collection

Test Fabrics

  • lightweight/sheer linen for sleeve ruffles

  • 9oz unbleached linen canvas used for stays interlining

The Country Seat

  • 7mm flat reed
  • 11/64″ flat reed

St Peter Woolen Mill Inc

  • 1LB wool batting

Class Act Fabrics

  • 100% wool satin/sateen for stays

Smoke & Fire

  • garment weight linen thread
  • lucet kit

Needle & Thread

  • worsted mohair tape
  • worsted wool tapes in: bunting yellow, sky blue
  • unbleached 1/4″ linen tape


  1. Nancy L. Glass Said:

    What a project!May we ask where your pinking tool(s) came from?
    Nancy and Patrick

    • brocadegoddess Said:

      Hello Nancy and Patrick,

      I’m afraid I haven’t finished this list yet – still so much to do to get everything done on this blog!

      The pinking tool used on the sack dress came from William Booth, Drapers.

      For the mantua I just used regular pinking shears.

      I will have all the supplier info up here eventually, I promise!

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