Whew! and GRRRR

The exhibition page is up!  What a pain in the a#$ it was to do!  Word and WordPress do not get along together AT ALL, so I ended up re-typing all the information and label copy directly into WordPress.  And even then it seems to like messing around with your stuff!  Bah!

But at least it’s up now.  What I’ve done is just transposed the exhibit as-is into a page on here.  Therefore, some of the information is repeated because in the exhibit it’s divided up between information panels and label copy that goes with each ensemble.

If there are any weird things going on with the page that I missed, or spelling errors, etc please let me know!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Izodiea Said:


    I’v been fallowing your blog for a while…and I wanted to say thank you for how thoroughly you photograph your garments. I appreciate all the detail shots of trims etc. as well as photos of unusual spots (like the inside of sleeves) It has really helped me wrap my head around the sewing, and appreciate the garments even more.

    • brocadegoddess Said:

      Thank you so much for your comment, this is exactly what I hoped people would get out of this project and blog!

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