A New Page is Finished

The calico jacket and petticoat ensemble page is all up and finished!  Slowly but surely I’m getting through them all.

If you take a look through the page and there is anything that doesn’t make sense, please ask about it and I will answer as best and promptly as I can!


Two in One Week! (or something like that)

I have finished the quilted petticoat page.  It was pretty quick to do seeing as how I skipped a bunch of days because they would just have said “Today I quilted.  I got ___ far on ___ repeat”.

I just LOVE how this turned out, I consider it the masterpiece of the entire project – though the riding habit comes in a very close 2nd.

Be sure to look through to the end of the petticoat page as there are a couple good detail shots of the quilting.

Voila! La Riding Habit page c’est finis!

Ok, my apologies to french-speaking peoples everywhere for my bit of butchering.  But I am tres happy to say that the riding habit page is all finished!  I think it’s the one that’s taken the longest.  It was also one of the most time consuming to make, go figure – but also one of the most satisfying to complete.

So go take a lookey at the page.  Unfortunately, towards the bottom half the photos and text are compressed together and I can’t seem to keep it from happening.  It’s still readable and followable, but if anyone knows how to make it behave, do let me know.  Every time I went to edit the page I would straighten it all out, and every time I updated it went back to how it was.  Ah, the mysteries of wordpress (for me, anyway).

Do enjoy all the same.

p.s. I’m getting better and quicker at responding to comments/questions.  So feel free to ask away if there’s anything you want to know and I’ll be sure to answer asap!

Update – YES! An Update!

I did stop working on this over the summer, and, well, up to a couple weeks ago.  I hadn’t intended to be away so long, but after the Exhibition, other priorities took over.  Little things like moving halway across the continent in a Uhaul, trying to get my butt in gear to write my MA thesis (first, crappy draft is now done, yay!), make a wedding dress (not mine….yet), and the last month or so has been dominated by writing funding applications for my PhD (while still working on my MA, go figure).

However, I’ve been snatching little bits of time lately and have finished the stays page, and there was much rejoicing!

I’m going to try to continue with these little snatches of time to steadily get the rest of the pages finishes, and add in the other bits and bobs I want to.

One thing though, I’ve noticed that the stays page is uploading funny.  It looks fine when I write it, but when I go to view the page on the site, about halfway through the photos and text start to get skewy.  Are other people noticing that as well?  Please let me know if you do, and I’ll try to find a solution somewhere in the maze of wordpress help topics.

At least all the info and stuff is there, and hopefully still readable and enjoyable.

Whew! and GRRRR

The exhibition page is up!  What a pain in the a#$ it was to do!  Word and WordPress do not get along together AT ALL, so I ended up re-typing all the information and label copy directly into WordPress.  And even then it seems to like messing around with your stuff!  Bah!

But at least it’s up now.  What I’ve done is just transposed the exhibit as-is into a page on here.  Therefore, some of the information is repeated because in the exhibit it’s divided up between information panels and label copy that goes with each ensemble.

If there are any weird things going on with the page that I missed, or spelling errors, etc please let me know!

Hope you enjoy!

A wee update

I have completed the pet en l’air page.  So the last finishing steps are up.  Unfortunately there is not picture of the finished front, which is really anti-climactic, I know.  However, I have started the exhibition page, so it will be available for viewing there soon.  Once the exhibition comes down, I’ll also get a series of good studio shots done with proper lighting, etc.  Those may end up going in to replace close-up shots on the exhibit page since I’ve been having trouble with the glare off the glass.

Do please be patient with me as I slowly get content on here.  Even though the exhibit is up and done, there’s still quite a lot on the plate!

Sack update

The sack dress page has been updated – and finished!  So now you can see the best parts of it all done and up close.

I was on TV!!

With really bad hair, boo. 

However, I do have an announcement to make:  All the garments are finished, and the exhibition is up and running!

The media relations lady at the university really came through for me and I was interviewed by 4 tv stations and 3 newspapers.   Below are links to said media coverage.  I particularly like the CTV bit, despite my bad hair and washed-out face.  Why don’t people tell you about these things in advance? *sigh*





Now that the sewing is all done I can start catching up on here.  I also intend to make a page on here that is a sort of “virtual exhibit”  for everyone who can’t come see it in person.

It’s a very strange feeling being done.  I’ve been working on this over the last 6 months (though I took December off) approx 30-40hrs/week.

But man, is it ever a relief!!

A little bit of backtracking/background



I was re-visiting my draft pages this evening and came across one that I’d worked on some time ago.  It’s a “short version” of the project overview.  I totally understand anyone not wanting to slog through the long version, which is actually just a slightly adapted version of an exhibition proposal for this project I did as a class assignment over a year ago.  The short version is meant to be much more digestible and concise.  It also includes a quick description of certain peramaters of the way I’m doing this project that I have not included on here before – mostly because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

Upon a quick re-reading I decided it really didn’t need anything more to be useful for actually putting up.  So….I put it up.  Hope this helps explain some stuff and provide a bit of context for why I’m doing all this!


New Page! New Page!


I have *finally* got a new page up.  It’s not for any of the garments pictured in my last, recent post – so proving that I have been even busier, eh?  It’s for the riding habit, well the beginnings of it so far anyhow.  I started it quite some time ago (maybe November?) but put it down after about a week (3 10-12hr sewing days) to get started on other garments.

Hopefully I can start getting more pages up and others updated in the not-too-distant-future.  For now, I hope you enjoy my early forray into 18th century women’s tailoring along with its trials and tribulations *sigh*.

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