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A little bit of backtracking/background



I was re-visiting my draft pages this evening and came across one that I’d worked on some time ago.  It’s a “short version” of the project overview.  I totally understand anyone not wanting to slog through the long version, which is actually just a slightly adapted version of an exhibition proposal for this project I did as a class assignment over a year ago.  The short version is meant to be much more digestible and concise.  It also includes a quick description of certain peramaters of the way I’m doing this project that I have not included on here before – mostly because I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

Upon a quick re-reading I decided it really didn’t need anything more to be useful for actually putting up.  So….I put it up.  Hope this helps explain some stuff and provide a bit of context for why I’m doing all this!


New Page! New Page!


I have *finally* got a new page up.  It’s not for any of the garments pictured in my last, recent post – so proving that I have been even busier, eh?  It’s for the riding habit, well the beginnings of it so far anyhow.  I started it quite some time ago (maybe November?) but put it down after about a week (3 10-12hr sewing days) to get started on other garments.

Hopefully I can start getting more pages up and others updated in the not-too-distant-future.  For now, I hope you enjoy my early forray into 18th century women’s tailoring along with its trials and tribulations *sigh*.

I know it’s been forevah

I have not abandoned the blog, I have not abandoned the project.  It’s actually because I’m now sewing for this about 40+ hrs/week in addition to TAing, trying to put together the exhibition all this stuff is going into, and starting on my actual MA thesis that I have not got on here in so long.  That, and I just ignored everything over the month of December/over the holidays for the sake of my sanity.

I am slowly working on updating pages and adding new ones, but thought I would post a few teaser pics of what’s coming to prove that I have been working steadily away: